JetBlue debuts a new basic economy fare, but passengers still get wi-fi, snacks, and TV –

JetBlue debuts a new basic economy fare, but passengers still get wi-fi, snacks, and TV

JetBlue is joining the airline unbundling trend.

The airline’s new “Basic Blue” fare is its cheapest offering yet — however, like most other basic economy fares, it lacks many of the features travelers may desire when booking their flights.

"Our new low fare will be anything but basic, designed to help customers save while still offering the full JetBlue experience," President and COO of JetBlue Joanna Geraghty, said in a statement on Tuesday. "This will attract ultra-low-fare seekers to JetBlue, where we can take better care of them than other airlines do."

Blue Basic passengers will be the last to board the plane, likely meaning there won’t be any overhead space left for storing their items. Passengers will also lack the ability to change or cancel a flight when they book Blue Basic.

Although some basic economy fares randomly assign the passenger a seat, JetBlue’s basic fare will allow them to select a seat, but only 24 hours before the flight takes off.

Passengers will still be able to bring their carry-on luggage for free (although it may require a planeside check-in, depending on overhead space) and will be able to access JetBlue’s amenities just like other full-fare passengers. Wi-Fi access, free snacks and beverages and live television are still included in the Blue Basic fares.

Other basic economy fares, like that onboard United Arlines, prohibit passengers from bringing a normal-sized carry-on into the cabin.

Those who are trying to accumulate frequent flier points will notice a major difference in the Blue Basic fares. Passengers will only earn one TrueBlue point for each dollar they spend. On the standard Blue fare, passengers earn three points for their dollar.

Mosaic members will be able to use their loyalty perks and check two free bags on the Basic Blue fares. But their membership status won’t help them override the fare’s restrictions regarding cancellations or flight changes.

The fares have already begun rolling out and should be available nationwide by early 2020.

The airline also rolled out "Blue Extra" to replace their "Blue Flex" fare. With the change, as noted by The Points Guy, passengers will no longer be able to bring on two complimentary checked bags.