This portable, lightweight safe will keep your belongings secure wherever you go –

This portable, lightweight safe will keep your belongings secure wherever you go

I’ve traveled abroad numerous times over the years, always staying in hotels, but while planning an upcoming trip to Europe, my friends and I decided to stay in Airbnbs this time around. While I am excited to live as the locals do (not to mention actually be able to cook my own meals), I soon realized that I would no longer have the added security of hotel safes this time around.

I tend not to pack valuable items like expensive jewelry or electronics, but every time I travel outside the country I always make use of the hotel’s safe to store my passport and extra cash. Now that we’ll be renting out homes, I wasn’t sure where I would keep these important items. With a little over a week to go until my flight departs, I naturally started frantically searching on Amazon and quickly found a solution to my problem.

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After reading the rave reviews for The Master Lock 5900D Portable Safe, I knew I had to give it a try. Weighing less than two pounds, the lightweight, hardshell safe will barely add any weight to my suitcase. Plus, it is so compact I can even carry it in my purse if I need to. The water-resistant safe is also padded with shock-absorbing foam that keeps your belongings safe and dry at all times.

Not only did it arrive the day after I ordered it (thank you, Amazon Prime!) but setting my own personalized four-digit code was a breeze and the integrated cable was easy to maneuver around to securely attach it to a fixed object. While its small travel-ready size is super easy to pack, the interior of the safe was large enough to hold my passport, Euros, and phone, with plenty of space left over for additional small items.

With details like that, it’s no wonder why Amazon customers are just as obsessed with the portable safe as I am. Besides boasting an impressive 3.9-star rating, the travel accessory also has over 2,000 rave reviews. “Easy to follow on changing the combo. We used it for our honeymoon as an extra safe, it fit a lot of stuff in there like passports, credit cards, phones, and keys. The handle can also wrap around something if you wanted to. Good buy,” raved one shopper.

“My boyfriend and I each ended up getting one for our six-month trip to South America,” said another. “We felt so much safer (pun intended) carrying cash and passports to various locations with the Master Lock. It's small, light-weight and easy to use, but adds just enough protection to be worth it. It also helped me keep track of my various credit cards, cell phone, and other valuables. I could fit everything in this safe and bury it in my backpack.”

The compact travel accessory comes in three different colorways: gunmetal grey, bright pink, and stark white, and prices range from $15 to $20, depending on which color you choose — which means that, for the price of a fancy cocktail, I’ll be able to enjoy my upcoming trip knowing my valuables are safe and sound inside this handy gadget.

The Master Lock 5900D Portable Safe The Master Lock 5900D Portable Safe Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

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