Winter storm causes thousands of flight delays and cancelations –

Winter storm causes thousands of flight delays and cancelations

The winter storm system moving across the country will likely affect you, as it’s going to impact 39 states across the country.

The National Weather Service reported the storm “will affect locations from the Upper Midwest to the East Coast” beginning Wednesday night, NBC reported. “Significant amounts of moisture ” are expected to move both north and east from the Gulf of Mexico.

NBC meteorologist Dylan Dreyer added that up to 6 inches of snow is possible in parts of the Midwest, with up to 4 inches possible in New York and New Jersey.

AccuWeather senior meteorologist Alan Reppert said central Pennsylvania could see the heaviest snow, with up to 10 inches.

This weather is already wreaking havoc on travel plans. According to FlightAware, airlines canceled more than 1,600 flights by 10:30 a.m. ET Wednesday morning. An additional 1,660 flights had been delayed.

“Travel will be very difficult,” the National Weather Service stated in a notice. “The combined weight of snow, sleet and freezing rain could result in downed branches and isolated power outages.”

Already, officials across the eastern seaboard are warning residents to take caution when traveling. New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy declared a state of emergency effective at 5 a.m. Wednesday. “We are urging residents of New Jersey to drive with caution and use their best judgment during this time,” Murphy said in a statement.

New York City's Emergency Management Department issued an advisory for Wednesday, and Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is also urging people to stay home.

Anyone with travel plans should check the status of roads and their flights before heading out.