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Teachers can get free flights to the Caribbean in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week

Our formative years are shaped by teachers. From when we're just children in pre-school first learning the ropes on hand-eye coordination, to high school students figuring out trigonometry, to masters and doctoral programs honing a chosen craft, teachers are there to guide our way. And now, CheapCaribbean is looking to say thank you with an epic trip.

Smiling woman by the beach Smiling woman by the beach Credit: Vladimir Vladimirov/Getty Images

In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week this May, CheapCaribbean is giving free flights to 50 teachers and their plus ones.

As to why the website wanted to reward teachers, reps explained in a statement, “There has been a national wave of teacher walkouts for over a year now — 400,000 teachers were off the job in strikes or lockouts in 2018 alone.” They added, "Nearly two-thirds of educators find work 'always' or 'often' stressful, which is twice the rate of other workers. And, nearly one in five U.S. teachers work a second job and 94 percent spend their own money on school supplies."

Needless to say, teachers deserve a vacation. And they shouldn’t have to pay for it.

All teachers have to do to qualify for one of the free flights is sign up to be a member of CheapCaribbean’s Beach4Teach Club by May 9. On the last day of Teacher Appreciation Week, which falls from May 6-10, those who signed up will receive an email to register for free flights to Mexico. The first 50 to register will be granted the flights and can get on their way in no time.

Of course, there is a little fine print: Travel must take place between July 10 and Dec. 31, 2019, with select blackout dates. Members must also book their accompanying stay for a six-plus-night trip to one of the following resorts: Zoetry, Breathless Secrets, Reflect, Now, or Sunscape resort.

And CheapCaribbean isn’t the only company celebrating teachers. Norweigan Cruise Line is also giving away trips to educators. All you need to do is nominate your favorite one and they could soon be sailing off into the sunset for the vacation of their dreams.