This 18-hour portable Bluetooth speaker is perfect for rooftop parties and beach days –

This 18-hour portable Bluetooth speaker is perfect for rooftop parties and beach days

Finding the perfect portable Bluetooth speaker isn’t an easy task. Do you want a small one that you can easily toss in a backpack or a bigger one that’s good to turn up for a rooftop party or carry on vacation? If you’re like me, bigger is better, which is why my new go-to speaker is the LG PK5 XBOOM.

The first major win for this speaker is that it offers up to 18 hours of battery life without having to charge. Often with Bluetooth speakers, they need to be recharged frequently to keep the music going. With this speaker you don’t have to worry about that charge, making it perfect for camping or a beach trip where you might not have access to a power source.

Great for those on-the-go moments where you need to lighten the mood with music, this 2.7-pound speaker has a handy action grip to make carrying it around a snap. And even better, a built-in light system syncs LED lights around the speakers to the beat of the song. Though it won’t make you feel like you’re in one of Vegas’s insane light shows, you will smile on your rooftop when bright blues, yellows, and pinks are flashing while Taylor Swift’s new “Lover” album plays in the corner.

To really crank up the tunes, use dual play mode to connect to another PK speaker and turn up the volume even more, or provide seamless music across different parts or your house. And if you need to stop to take a call — maybe a pizza delivery to your party — answer your phone with the touch of a button thanks to built-in Bluetooth speaker phone.

A great gift for the music-obsessed person in your life, you can’t go wrong with this handy speaker. And, even better, right now it’s available for $60 off on amazon.

lx boom go speaker lx boom go speaker Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $67 (Originally $127)