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Why there will no Uber or Lyft service to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport starting in February

Uber and Lyft will stop driving passengers to and from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport after the city raised fees for ride-sharing companies, the two services confirmed on Wednesday.

Currently, there is no ride-share charge to be dropped off at Sky Harbor but there is a $2.66 fee users must pay to be picked up at the airport. Beginning February 1, 2020, the city has proposed a $4 fee for both drop-off and pick-up, according to The Associated Press. The fee will increase 25 cents each year until it reaches $5 in 2024.

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"Despite our best attempts to negotiate a more equitable solution Airport leadership has been opposed to reason,” a Lyft spokesperson told USA Today. “Given today’s vote, we plan to cease operations at Sky Harbor ahead of the fee implementation in order to prevent the unfair penalization of our drivers and riders. They should not have to shoulder the burden of the city’s budget shortcomings.”

Uber had a similar statement, although neither company confirmed a date they would cease airport service.

The City Council vote also approved a $2.80 ride-share fee for drop-off or pick-up at the 44th Street light rail station, which connects to an airport train. Neither company has spoken whether or not they will continue to use that drop-off point.

Sky Harbor was one of the few major airports left where ride-sharing apps provided direct curbside service, as opposed to nearby parking lot pickups at places like LaGuardia and LAX.

Taxis already pay fees to pick up passengers at the airport. The new vote will require them to pay for drop-off as well. The new charge is $1.75 each way. Taxi companies must bid on contracts to serve the airport and they must meet additional requirements like vehicle inspections, rules for returning lost items to riders and the ability to accommodate passengers under the Americans with Disability Act. Taxis will still be allowed to provide curbside service.