All the odd ways people have lost their AirPods on planes – and how to keep yours safe –

All the odd ways people have lost their AirPods on planes – and how to keep yours safe

There’s always a catch when it comes to getting the latest, trendiest piece of tech out there. When it comes to those sleek, tiny AirPods, it mostly has to do with making sure you don’t accidentally lose them on a subway platform, in a storm drain, or even between airplane seats.

Sadly, this happens all too often.

Of course, losing a wireless headphone isn’t the end of the world, but it can be a big inconvenience when you’re trying to get comfortable on a long flight. Not to mention, new AirPods retail between $159 and $199, or $79 for a brand new charging case alone. You can, however, replace one that you lost for $69, according to 9to5Mac. Still.

Lately, USA Today reported, people have been sharing their sad stories of how they lost their precious earpieces on flights. For instance, Isabelle Tham managed to misplace one of her AirPods on one flight, which was thankfully retrieved by a passenger behind her. But on her return flight, she lost her charging case when she left it in a seatback pocket while rushing to catch a connection.

Harish Malik had a similar story on his American Airlines flight when his wife lost a pod (which was an anniversary present) between two seats, he tweeted. Sadly, it was caught inside a metal portion that would've had to have been taken apart by a technician to retrieve.

But these people are certainly not alone. Do a quick search on Twitter and you’ll find countless people lamenting their wayward AirPods, forever lost to the bottoms of seats and airport waiting areas.

If you can relate, just know that you are definitely not alone. Sadly, if you can’t find your lost AirPod at the moment, it may be lost for good. According to USA Today, most airlines don’t have figures on lost earphones, but Delta said it gets “40 pairs of AirPods per month.” Considering that AirPods are also desirable items, they could get snatched by anyone who happens to find them. Southwest Airlines spokeswoman Laura Adams told USA Today it’s important not to just return random earpieces to people who have claims.

“That is the frustrating part for us. We can't just return anybody's AirPods. We have to return that rightful owner's AirPods,” Adams told USA Today.

The surefire way to never lose your AirPods while traveling is to simply not travel with them, of course. But what’s the point of having handy, wireless AirPods with incredible battery life if you’re only going to use them at home or in the office? No, AirPods are kind of meant to travel.

But short of being incredibly careful and stressed anytime you put them in, or trying this not-so-attractive DIY solution this Twitter user thought up, you’ll have to think about some accessories if you want a little assurance.

Luckily, there are lots of good-looking and practical accessories for AirPods out there that can help you out. For instance, Amazon has a full kit of accessories that includes a case that will attach to your bag or keys, ear hooks, a strap, and even a bigger case to keep it all in. It’s only $12 and comes in lots of nice colors, too.

There are also affordable EarBuddyz, which are ear hooks that come in white, so they match your AirPods’ aesthetic.

Or, if you like the idea of a strap but are not really into hooks, there’s a handy strap that also has magnets on it to use while you’re not listening, so you can easily keep it around your neck without slipping.

All of these options are way better than paying $69+ for a new earpiece. Or just opt for some old fashioned, wired headphones for your journey.