Southwest's latest sale has $39 flights – but you'll have to act fast –

Southwest's latest sale has $39 flights – but you'll have to act fast

You might be able to afford that winter getaway, after all. Southwest Airlines is running a flash sale with airfare starting as low as $39 per flight — and there’s likely a deal from your airport.

You could use Southwest’s deals to escape to warm weather once the cold hits, or take advantage of the snowy season and visit ski country.

The cheapest flights are available for those in Hawaii, with airfare from Oahu to Maui available for only $39. But there are great deals to be found on the continent, too. You can nab a $49 flight from Atlanta to Nashville. Get from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for only $59. Baltimore to Boston flights are available for only $70 and Cleveland to Atlanta is only $99.

Southwest Airlines Flash Sale Southwest Airlines Flash Sale Credit: Getty Images

The Nationwide Sale is running until Thursday, Oct. 17 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time. The deals are usually available if you’re flying on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

There are, of course, certain blackout dates (mainly around Thanksgiving and Christmas) and only a limited number of seats available on each flight dedicated to the sale.

The fares are valid on flights from Oct. 29 through March 6, 2020 within the continental U.S. If you book a flight around the Hawaiian islands, the fares are valid from Nov. 5 through March 4. For travel to San Juan, deals are available on flights from Nov. 5 through Dec. 5 and again Jan. 13 through March 5. Other international travel deals are running from Nov. 5 through Dec. 11 and again Jan. 7 through March 5.

For more information on the sale, visit Southwest’s website.