This portable Wi-Fi hotspot works in more than 130 countries –

This portable Wi-Fi hotspot works in more than 130 countries

Traveling is full of unknowns: how much do you tip? How do you say thank you in a new language? How do you find your hotel when the taxi driver doesn’t understand you?

Thanks to the internet, much of the guesswork of travel has been removed, and finding information — like GPS directions to your hotel — is as easy as pulling out your smartphone. But finding Wi-Fi when you travel isn’t always as simple as you’d think.

That’s where the Skyroam Solis X comes in. This tiny device, which fits in a small crossbody bag, will ensure you’re always connected in nearly every country you travel to without having to commit to those often expensive international cell phone plans.

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The Wi-Fi hotspot — the latest Skyroam product — features 4G LTE connectivity in more than 130 countries — everywhere from France and the United Kingdom to Vietnam and Kenya. The hotspot doesn’t charge roaming fees so it’s the same price whether you’re in Canada or Cambodia.

As I sat with a group finishing up dinner in Thailand one recent night, we couldn’t figure out how many U.S. dollars we needed to convert to Thai baht in order to pay for the meal. I quickly whipped out my Skyroam Solis and let Google do the work for us, much to the table’s delight. Later that week, sitting in my hotel room trying to work, the internet went down. But rather than give up, I turned my Solis on and continued working.

While the hotspot itself is a bit pricey, with a one-time fee of $180, you have several options from day passes to subscriptions to make sure you get your money’s worth. If you travel less frequently, 24 hours of unlimited WiFi for $9 per day may make the most sense. But if you travel a little more often — and work on the go — the $9 per GB monthly subscription may be what you need. If you’re basically living on the go, there’s a $99 per month unlimited plan.

Don’t forget to share the wealth when you’re constantly connected. The Solis X can last up to 16 hours and connect up to 10 devices at a time (your friends and family will thank you when they can upload their Instagram stories immediately).

I’m not alone; Amazon customers also can’t get enough of this product.

“I am a repeat buyer of Skyroam products, having bought Gen I, II and now III. Each generation has been a quantum improvement in quality and performance. The 'X' has fantastic features far exceeding my expectations,” one reviewer wrote.

Another buyer wrote that it was the best Wi-Fi hotspot on the market. “There are a lot of products out there, but none deliver like the Skyroam Solis X. With a user friendly smartphone app, it makes managing my data easy. The device's connection speeds are solid and I have not experienced any interruptions. The internal battery has a long life and I have not run into any issues when using the device,” they said. “Being a remote employee I always need access to the internet, [and] the Skyroam Solis X gives me the peace of mind that no matter where I am at, I am always connected.”

Another reviewer wrote about the Solis' reliable connection. “This product is a lifesaver, more than I expected. When others are struggling to get a connection, The Solis always comes through.”

Skyroam Solis X: WiFi Smartspot | Mobile Hotspot | Power Bank | Global SIM-Free 4G LTE | Remote Camera Skyroam Solis X: WiFi Smartspot | Mobile Hotspot | Power Bank | Global SIM-Free 4G LTE | Remote Camera Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $180