Pacific Northwest braces for storm as North Carolina is buried in 3 feet of snow –

Pacific Northwest braces for storm as North Carolina is buried in 3 feet of snow

As North Carolina gets buried in snow, it looks like the Pacific Northwest is also in for some extreme winter weather.

Parts of North Carolina experienced three feet of snowfall earlier this week. The Washington Post reported that the historic (and dangerous) storm accumulated more than a typical year’s worth of snow for the state.

The fast falling snow left many people without enough time to prepare. WRAL reported that at least three deaths have been attributed to the storm and more than 300,000 people throughout North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee experienced power outages, according to the BBC. Over 1,000 flights in the area have also been canceled in the wake of the storm, according to Business Insider.

A freeze warning has been issued in a handful of southern states, including Georgia, Florida, and Louisiana. A winter weather advisory is also in effect in the Carolinas.

And while people in the southeast are digging their way out of snow drifts, it seems people in the western part of the U.S. are in for the same wintry weather.

According to ABC News, six states have issued winter storm, rain, and flood alerts as another storm system draws near.

In the late morning and afternoon, people in the Pacific Northwest may experience some heavy rainfall and flash flooding up to 50 mph, ABC News reported. Snow from one to three feet is also expected between the Cascades and Rocky Mountains by Wednesday.

By Thursday, the Midwest may see some wet snow and rain, and the South may experience some heavy rainfall.

If you are in any of these affected areas, it’s best not to get on the roads, since black ice warnings are also in effect in the South. Make sure you have plenty of provisions, and stay warm.