There ae $300 round-trip flights available to Europe if you book right now –

There ae $300 round-trip flights available to Europe if you book right now

TAP Air Portugal is offering round-trip flights from the East Coast to Europe for as cheap as $320, according to Scott’s Cheap Flights.

Most of the cheap flights include a layover or stopover in Porto or Lisbon — but you might consider that a bonus. You should spend some time searching for the best times available, as prices and availability change depending on your destination.

If you’re looking for summer flights, there is limited availability to book deals for flights in early June and late August. (Peak season runs mid-June through mid-August and you are unlikely to find very cheap airfare for that time now.) Deals are also abundant from September through December, not including the travel period around Christmas and New Year’s.

If you don’t mind planning your vacations well in advance, you could score great deals on flights in January and February 2020.

If you’re flying out of New York City (either JFK or Newark), you could nab a round-trip flight to Basel, Switzerland for about $320 in early 2020. It will be the perfect time to head into the Swiss Alps for a skiing holiday.

Those in Miami could book a Parisian getaway for as low as $344 round-trip. If you book a trip for early December, you could do your Christmas shopping in the glittering French capital and impress everyone with your tres magnifique gifts.

Travelers in Boston could jet off to Barcelona this year for as low as $300.

Book fast. The deals are unlikely to last long.