Get away starting at $50 round-trip with Frontier Airlines' latest sale –

Get away starting at $50 round-trip with Frontier Airlines' latest sale

Travelers looking to book a last-minute spring vacation can fly for as low as $20 one-way with Frontier Airlines’ latest sale.

The budget airline is offering discounted flights from a variety of cities, though travelers will need to act fast to grab the best deals.

Frontier Airlines Frontier Airlines Credit: Laser1987/Getty Images

The $20 deals are already going fast, with $20 one-way flights still available between Tampa and Charlotte.

Travelers will still find $25 one-way flights from a variety of cities that include Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Des Moines, Las Vegas, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, Hartford, Jackson, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Memphis, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Sacramento, San Diego, Tampa and more.

There are also more than 20 different deals for $29 one-way flights, and a range of deals that start at $34 one-way.

The $25 deals are available on routes including Austin to New Orleans, Dallas to Las Vegas, Houston to Las Vegas, Philadelphia to Myrtle Beach, Nashville to Philadelphia and more.

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The $34 deals are available on routes that include Atlanta to Miami and Austin to Las Vegas, Orlando or Chicago.

While return rates vary, travelers can find round-trip totals that start as low as $50.

Check the best deals available from your home airport on Frontier’s website.

The sale runs through April 11 and includes travel between April 16-28, giving fliers the chance to take in some sunshine at popular stops like Orlando or Myrtle Beach at an affordable price.

Travelers will want to keep in mind that Frontier is a budget airline and charges additional fees for amenities ranging from seat selection to checked baggage, though a bundle option is also available for travelers looking to add amenities to their trip.