Travel YouTubers known for dangerous stunts die after falling down waterfall in Canada

Three members of a YouTube travel vlog group died in Canada last week after they were swept away by a waterfall.

The members of the vlog collective High On Life were swimming in a pool system at the top of Shannon Falls in British Columbia on July 3, according to The Washington Post. They were walking along the ledge of the pool when one of the vloggers, Megan Scraper, slipped and fell into the water. Her two companions, Ryker Gamble and Alexey Lyakh, dove in after to save her. But all three were swept away by a strong current and plummeted nearly 100 feet.

“The world has lost a great deal of light with their passing,” one member of the High on Life group said in a memorial YouTube video. “They lived every single day to its fullest. They stood for positivity, courage, and living the best life that you can. And they shared and taught their values to millions of people worldwide.”

The vlogging group is known for their adventurous videos, often filmed at the tops of precipices.

They have gathered more than a million followers on Instagram.

Last year, Gamble and Lyakh were arrested and banned from U.S. public lands for five years after walking off the boardwalk at Yellowstone National Park and taking a bicycle off the roadway at Death Valley National Park. A judge also ordered that they remove all social media posts documenting their “illegal activities” in the national parks.