Newlyweds on honeymoon fatally collide on Honduras zip line –

Newlyweds on honeymoon fatally collide on Honduras zip line

A honeymoon turned tragic when two newlyweds from Israel fatally collided on a zip line on the island of Roatan in Honduras. The couple had only married a day before setting off on vacation.

27-year-old Shif Fanken got stuck on the zip line, and was then struck by her husband, 24-year-old Egael Tishman, who came down the line behind her, Fire Chief Wilmer Guerrero told The Washington Post.

Guerrero said both Fanken and Tishman suffered severe injuries, but were conscious when they arrived at the local hospital: “The young man complained that he could not breathe,” Guerrero said. “He was evaluated in the ambulance and was given oxygen.”

Tishman died the next day, and Honduras’ Radio America reported that he may have had a brain hemorrhage. Fanken was transported to a hospital in Florida where she underwent surgery. She is currently in stable condition, according to the Post.

The Israeli Embassy in Guatemala is arranging to fly the Tishman’s body to Israel for burial, while local authorities are launching an investigation into how the incident occurred.

The “Extreme Caribe Zip Line Tour” warns that all guests must consider their physical fitness level and medical history before participating in the tour. Of course, high speed collisions can prove extremely dangerous or fatal to any person regardless of fitness level or health.