Passenger allegedly makes bomb comment because he was upset about his seat

More than 300 passengers on a Norwegian Air flight about to take off from Orlando International Airport had to get off the plane on Sunday after one man made a comment about a bomb. The passenger was reportedly upset about his seat assignment, according to the Associated Press.

The Orlando police at the airport was called to the gate just as the plane doors were about to close on flight 7058. Officers questioned the man and two other passengers who overheard him talking about a bomb. Nothing suspicious was found.

It was unclear what exactly about his seat made the man upset, but it may have had something to do with a fight that broke out between him and two other passengers, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Officers questioned the man and the FBI will also investigate.

Passengers were eventually able to re-board, although it is unclear if the man in question was allowed back on the plane. The flight was able to take off about two and a half hours late, according to FlightAware.

In case anyone needs a reminder, it is not advisable to mention a bomb on a plane, or really anywhere near an airport.