This smartphone case is a must-have for your next beach vacation –

This smartphone case is a must-have for your next beach vacation

With sweater season wrapping up and warm days ahead, we're thinking about all the ways we can get outside and live our best lives this summer.So, we're penciling in weekends poolside with our girl squads, family beach getaways, and maybe an international trip (cage diving with Great White sharks in South Africa, anyone?). Let summer commence already!

Whether you’re planning a retreat that involves adventurous activities like mountain biking, whitewater rafting, or surfing, or you’re just going to be cruising on a boat with friends, we know you have one big concern when hitting the outdoors: What the heck do I do with my phone?Since most of us take our cellular devices literally everywhere, you're probably familiar with the feeling of having your phone at the lake or beach, only to go into full-blown panic mode when finding it wet, sticky, or full of sand. And who hasn't dropped their phone in a pool, or—*shudders*—the toilet?Hey, it happens.

When you can’t afford to spend your vacation savings on a waterproof camera to capture all your summer trip memories (hand raise), why not invest in something that will protect the camera you already have? Your phone, people. Gone are the days of picking up a disposable underwater camera at the drugstore for your warm-weather vacay (cue blurry, indistinguishable photos). And don’t even think about zipping your smartphone in one of those not-even-functional plastic bags that look like floating garbage. We found a smartphone case that will make your underwater selfie dreams come true—and it’s actually really cute!

Meet the LifeProof FRE case ($40;, which shields your phone’s ports, mic, and speakers from outside elements (even dust), and is waterproof to 6.6 feet (2 meters) for up to an hour, and drop-proof to 2 meters. In other words, it's perfect for all your underwater Instagrams and, really, everyday life. We all can be hard on our devices, and phones are certainly not a cheap investment. It's important to have protection that's durable, functional, and not an absolute eye sore. This surprisingly slim case comes in an array of two-toned, summery hues compatible Apple, Samsung, LG, and Google devices. We are loving the lilac-coral, teal-mango, and sage green combinations, or basic black if you prefer to keep it simple.

I like to lead an active lifestyle year-round, whether skiing in the winter or hiking and swimming in the summer. Personally, I’ve tried many different phone cases. Some of the durable, bulky ones were too heavy and awkward to hold, and would send me back to no-case living within a week. But the more lightweight, aesthetically pleasing cases hardly seemed to protect my device, and I barely felt comfortable removing it from my purse or backpack to use.I needed a case that protected my device but didn’t completely change the shape and weight of my phone.

Discovering the LifeProof FRE case was a complete game changer: it's allowed me to push the limits of the outdoors with my phone in hand. I have captured afternoons on the slopes and even dropped my phone in fresh powder, but didn’t worry about it malfunctioning later.I documented holidays at the beach with family in Florida, and didn't have to pick sand out of my phone with a toothpick back at the hotel.I even took my phone kayaking in Vermont for a weekend wedding, and didn’t freak out when it was splashed with water while I paddled. Thiscase has essentially kept up with my lifestyle, and enabled me to continue doing the activities that I love without worrying about something as silly (yet expensive) as a cell phone.

From cannonballs into the pool to getting caught in a summer storm, this waterproof, drop-proof, and dirt-proof smartphone case will give you total peace of mind when adventuring outside this summer.