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12 weather records that this winter cold snap has completely smashed

The holidays may be over, but winter is most definitely here — complete with record-setting frigid temperatures and endless snowfall. And it’s not just the classic cold weather targets that are being hit by this brunt of Arctic chill. States in the south are facing brutal temperatures too, with cities as far south as Dallas and Savannah, Georgia hitting freezing temperatures.

And with this colossal cold front comes plenty of weather records smashed across the country — here’s just a few of the most eye-popping.

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1. Flint, Michigan broke their lowest-ever December temperature record twice in two days.
On Dec. 27, it was -14°. The next day, it was -18°. Previously, the record had been set in 1921.

2. On Thursday, Dec. 28, 30 record lows were set across the country.
The lowest was in Watertown, New York — there, the temperature went all the way down to -32°.

3. The town that’s been dubbed the “Nation’s Icebox,” International Falls, Minnesota, hit a record low.
When it’s unseasonably cold in a town nicknamed the “Icebox,” you know it’s bad. (The temperature was -36°.)

4. Savannah, Georgia, a coastal city on the Atlantic Ocean, got its first snowfall in seven years.
Residents received two inches of snow and sleet on Wednesday, Dec. 27.

5. In Abilene, Texas, there were over 36 car accidents reported in one day.
The city, which lies west of Dallas, got a rare dose of snow and sleet last week.

6. In Boston, a century-old streak was matched.
The 2017-into-2018 cold snap is the longest Boston has seen since 1918. Back then, temperatures remained below 20° from December 29, 1917 to January 4, 1918. Though the record was matched, it hasn’t yet been broken: On Jan. 3, the temperatures climbed back up above 20°.

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7. Records were set at five out of New York City’s climate sites on New Year’s Day.
LaGuardia, Newark and John F. Kennedy Airports all saw record low temperatures. Two of the previous records had been around since the 1960s.

8. Eighteen east coast cities had record lows on January 2.
Normally sunny and balmy Charleston got down to 19°, while Morrisville, Vermont, went all the way down to -29°. Their previous record low was 15° warmer.

9. The lowest temperature throughout all of this cold weather occurred in Embarrass, Minnesota.
The town, about 3½ hours north of the Twin Cities, got all the way down to -45° on Dec. 31.

10. While the lowest windchill came in North Dakota.
The residents of the town of Hettinger were treated to a windchill of 58° below zero on the morning of New Year’s Eve.

11. The week between Christmas and New Year’s was the coldest on record in Buffalo’s history.
The notoriously chilly Western New York city literally hadn’t seen a week this cold since they started recording temperatures back in 1871. (And have you seen the photos of an icy nearby Niagara Falls?)

12. It was the second-ever coldest ball drop on New Year’s Eve in Times Square.
But even though it was only 10° outside, people still crowded the streets of Times Square to witness the annual event. The only colder one on record came in 1907, when it was just 1°.

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BONUS: 13. Unrelated to the snow, 2017 is expected to be one of the warmest years on record.
According to NASA, it’s expected to be the second warmest year ever. So even when there is lots of warmth, there is still bone-chilling cold.

And if this wasn’t enough to convince you, we’ll come out and say it: Bundle up out there. It’s real cold.

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