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Unseasonable April snow could mess up your travel plans this weekend

The calendar may say April but winter weather isn’t over for much of the country.

Snow and record-setting low temperatures are predicted for those in the Plains, Midwest, and Northeast regions through the weekend.

One meteorologist called it a “ridiculous late season arctic outbreak.”

Already in the Midwest, several cities set record low temperatures for April, including St. Cloud, Minnesota (0 degrees), Eau Claire, Wisconsin (9 degrees), and Madison, Wisconsin (14 degrees). Minneapolis is expected to set an April record on Friday with a high of only 21 degrees.

Less than a week after one unseasonable dusting, snow will once again make its way from the Great Lakes through New England Thursday night into Friday. Accuweather is predicting snowfall from one to three inches in the Northeast.

The storm is predicted to impact metropolitan areas from Washington, D.C. to Boston. Snow is also expected in the northern Rockies, central Plains and Ohio Valley on Friday. The greatest interruption to travel plans is expected Friday until early Sunday morning.

Weekend airline delays and cancellations are likely in Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, D.C., Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston.

As of Thursday morning, no major U.S. airline has yet issued any weather alerts for the weekend. However, travelers should continue monitoring flight status. Sign up for notifications through your airline to receive updates when or if they happen.