This paddleboard is the ultimate way to work out this summer –

This paddleboard is the ultimate way to work out this summer

First there was longboarding, then shortboarding, then standup boarding and now, the evolution of surfing continues with Hobie's Paddleboard.

The new aquatic sports toy incorporates the same basic design as a traditional stand-up paddleboard, otherwise known as a SUP, but adds on a few bells and whistles including handlebars, a rudder, and pedals for acceleration.

“We've only been selling them about three months, but they've really been taking off,” Kyle Shaffer, paddle sports sales manager at Tahoe Sports LTD, told the Tahoe Daily Tribune. "A guy from Sacramento called me this morning and bought three.”

Perhaps the reason the board has become so popular so fast is because of its ease of use and stability for all skill levels.

“People just like the idea of being able to rest their hands on those bars,” Michael Fehling, owner of Empire Kayaks in New York City, told Newsday. “It just gives them a sense of security.”

To accelerate on the board all riders have to do is simply pedal back and forth with their feet, sort of like you would on an elliptical or stairmaster.

Depending on size, the board runs between $2,499 and $2,599. The handlebar is adjustable down to child’s size, meaning the entire family can enjoy a good paddleboarding session together.

“It’s just such a fun way to be on the water,” Mary Boquard, a paddleboard owner, told Newsday. “I was less fearful at going a farther distance because I had that stability.”

Check out more on the paddleboard in the video above.