Away's soft-shell expandable suitcases are here – & they're the most spacious bags yet –

Away's soft-shell expandable suitcases are here – & they're the most spacious bags yet

Away is expanding — literally — as the luggage brand just released their first set of soft-sided, expandable bags.

The Expandables, as the line is called, is very similar to the classic Away bag we all know and love: sleek, indented lines across the front, removable laundry bag, and 360-degree spinner wheels, plus the amazing interior-pocket and straps to compress your precious belongings.

Away zipper Away zipper Credit: Away

But there are a few key features that set this bag apart. The exterior is made from woven nylon, perfect for people who steer clear of hard-shell luggage for fear of scratching or aesthetic damage. A massive zip-up nylon pocket lives in the front of the bag, perfect for storing those things you’re always reaching for on the go. And there’s even an entirely new luggage tag.

Front Pocket Front Pocket Credit: Away

The highlight, though, is that every suitcase in the collection has a built-in zipper that increases the capacity of the bag up to 4.5 cm. This is huge for you people who can’t stop shopping on vacation.

Another major difference: The Expandables don’t come with a battery to charge your many, many devices.

The bag will be available in four colors — black, navy, asphalt, and green — and the four sizes Away has always carried: Carry-On, Bigger Carry-On, Medium, and Large. Prices start at $275 for the smallest and $345 for The Expandable Large bag.

To celebrate the launch of the new bag, Away surprised travelers in New York City, Austin, Los Angeles, Toronto, and London with the chance to “expand” their visit by spending “one more night Away.” Those lucky guests were some of the very first to get to try out the new suitcase before taking it home after their surprise extra night.

Most people can’t just take one extra night of vacation, so Away set it all up for them: a concierge to re-book their flights home the next day; dinner at a fabulous restaurant, like Frenchette in NYC; tickets to a museum or show, like VIP tickets to Austin City Limits; and plenty of other goodies like a mini bottle of Veuve Clicquot and local souvenirs from each city.

To buy:, $245-$345