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Why there are extra holes in your @Apple headphones

We bet you’ve never given much thought to those non-descript headphones that came with your iPhone. These little guys are called EarPods and are usually subjected to a life in the bottom a purse, pulled in and out of your ears at the gym, or tangled up in a tiny ball next to your computer at work.

But this often-forgotten Apple accessory is actually hiding a big secret in its design. Take a close look at your headphones and you’ll see that Apple has added a few extra holes in the back and on the bottom of the EarPods. While these extra holes do not transmit sound they do help you enjoy your favorite songs or podcasts just a little bit more.

CultofMac explains that the holes were added to enhance sound quality by creating an airtight seal with your ear canal.

Why Apple headphones have that extra hole Why Apple headphones have that extra hole Credit: Getty Images/Blend Images

“To sound great and not fall out, most earphones need to literally plug up your ear,” CultofMac reported. It noted that Apple added the holes in the EarPods to generate a vacuum, providing listeners with improved acoustics and also to assist the EarPods in staying in place. Moreover, the vacuum also helps to stop any “loud thumping sounds” from the earphone cord hitting your chest as you move.

Essentially, CultofMac explains, the vacuum creates more movement in the ear canal itself, allowing sound to resonate all the way in the back of your eardrum, affording an exceptional listening experience. So next time you rip your headphones out after a long run thank the engineers at Apple for their superior design skills.