This genius air conditioner box will cool you off wherever you go –

This genius air conditioner box will cool you off wherever you go

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While everyone can agree that summertime heat is equivalent to walking into a furnace, we all have different preferences when it comes to the air conditioner temperature. Some people like it freezing cold, while other prefer a mild breeze.

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Enter the Geizeer portable air conditioner, which is a Kickstarter project created and manufactured in Italy. This eco-friendly device is going to save many people from breaking a sweat while sitting in humid cubicles or cramped buses this summer. All you have to do is go to your freezer, pull out an ice pack (Geizeer makes special ones to fit the machine), stick it inside the box, and voila! The magic of the ice pack gives you instant relief for up to four hours and the built-in fan keeps a charge for seven. You can also recharge it with a USB.

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The mini cube is also easy on the eyes. It’s made of wood (and comes in multiple colors like red, orange, and blue), which also happens to be an amazing thermal insulator. So how eco-friendly is it? If you use it for 24-hours, it will cost about 1 cent to operate.

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Bonus: it doubles as an air freshener because summer plus sweat equals bad odors. Simply stick in the diffusers you’ll get with the device, and you can say so long to hot and smelly public places.

The Geizeer starts around $160 and is available for presale now here.