How Google Assistant can help plan your next vacation –

How Google Assistant can help plan your next vacation

Google has long made travelers' lives easier, enabling them to track flights for the lowest price or find the best attractions in a new city.

Google Assistant, which powers the voice-activated Google Home, is introducing new features that could come in handy when planning a trip. The Google Assistant app is now available on iOS and Android, so you can bring the capabilities of Google Home on the road.

Practice your language skills

During a commute home, you can get ready for that trip to Paris or Peru by practicing language skills with Google. Users of Google Assistant can ask Google how to say just about anything in a foreign language by starting with "Hey Google" or "OK, Google" and asking how to order food, get directions, or say "I love you."

Coordinate with friends

Google has created a new messaging app called Allo that brings the planning features of the Assistant and Google Home to all of your conversations. Instead of having to switch back and forth between tabs on your phone while planning a weekend to the Hamptons, you can ask Google about places to stay within your group chat, or look up nearby restaurants to enjoy.

Google Assistant Google Assistant Credit: Courtesy of Google

Find flights via voice command

Booking a last-minute flight has never been easier. Using the hands-free technology, users of the app can simply ask Google something like "Hey Google, how much is a flight to Miami next week?" and away you go.

Stay organized while traveling

Newer versions of the Assistant have become better at anticipating needs, and the new integrated system can help you get ready for your day with one simple command. By asking Google "Hey Google, tell me about my day," the Assistant can remind you of any appointments on your calendar, give a brief overview of the weather, and read out a news bulletin from your chosen media source.

Be prepared for any kind of weather

Instead of needing to look up the weather and check any forecasts for rain in your vacation spot, with the new Google Assistant you can simply ask "Hey Google, do I need an umbrella today?" and your Assistant will use your geo-location to give you a real time update on the chance of showers.