You can visit Sweden this summer for a cool $421 round-trip –

You can visit Sweden this summer for a cool $421 round-trip

There may be no better time than summer to visit Sweden, when travelers can enjoy impossibly fresh seafood hauls and long, lingering sunshine.

Typically, however, this is also the most expensive time to visit the coastal Scandinavian nation.

That’s why travelers should be particularly excited about the $420 round-trip fares on sale right now.

According to Thrifty Traveler Premium, travelers can find discounted tickets to Stockholm between April and May, and again from August until February.

The most inexpensive tickets are on flights departing from Boston, but there are also tickets under $500 from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City, Oakland, San Jose, and Washington, D.C.

Last week, Scott’s Cheap Flights even found $432 round-trip tickets to Stockholm from San Francisco. And according to the flight deal-finding site, it’s not unusual for flights from the West Coast to Europe to exceed $850 round-trip.

To book your Sweden summer vacation, use Google Flights to identify the most inexpensive departure dates from your home airport — and then hunt for even cheaper tickets on your preferred flight search engine.

And then, once you've arrived, be sure to head straight for the Bohuslän Coast, where travelers can sample some of the region's finest mussels, oysters, and shrimp all summer long.